March Stated


We had a fantastic instructional program on Monday provided by WB Murray, in which he covered how to receive Grand Lodge officers. We also had three travelers in attendance, from as far as Canada and as close as our beloved Naval Lodge No. 4.

Coincidentally, we will have the pleasure of receiving the Junior Grand Warden, RWB Michael Nicholas, during our April Stated Communication. I urge all to attend, if able. We will also be handing out 50 and 60 year pins and certificates to some of our Brethren in appreciation of their service to Anacostia Lodge.

I hope you are all safe during the oncoming snow storm and insist that you call someone if you are in any need. That, my Brethren, is what this whole thing is about.


Steve Higdon
Master, Anacostia Lodge No. 21
Free and Accepted Masons of the District of Columbia